Traveling in Parang Tritis Tourism Area

A Traveling Note

Parang Tritis is one of the tourist destinations I have long wanted to visit. I want to enjoy the atmosphere of this beach with Widut of course. Our opportunity to date indeed exists after the marriage and Eid in 2018 just arrived there. That was actually without a plan ahead of time but a plan that emerged spontaneously.

The trip to Parang Tritis from the place of stay takes about 1.5 hours. We arrived at the Parang Tritis terminal around 10:00 a.m. and immediately walked to the beach on foot. We could take a peek at the gadget to see if there was online transportation that could be ordered here. I see the Go-Jek application there are no drivers available in this tourist area. Even though! one of the goals I want to go to is Parang Kusumo sand dune. Since I first came to Parang Kusumo during the PKL majoring in Geography, I was very fascinated by the forces of nature that formed the Parang Kusumo landscape.

That afternoon, on Parang Tritis beach, I did not allow K to play the waves. According to the bus driver we were riding, the previous afternoon there were 2 missing people who were dragged by the waves. The Tourism Office also urged caution when playing waves because many jellyfish pulled over to the beach and there were some tourists who were stung by it.

The vast Parang Tritis tourist area makes us tired to carry the K along the way. For this reason, we took the initiative to take turns holding him. Moreover, the distance from Parang Tritis to Parang Kusumo is quite far according to the Widut, my wife.

During a trip around the tourist area, the K is always interested in the freshwater baths available on the edge of Parang Tritis beach. Indeed when we were there, the air temperature was very hot and the sun was so blazing.

Our trip stopped only at the new Parang Tritis tourist area. Widut had given up and invited to find lodging to rest first. Finally Parang Kusumo was not visited. Actually I’m a little disappointed.

Looking for Lodging in Parang Tritis Area

Because Parang Kusumo was not visited at that time, then I decided to look for accommodation in the area near there so that if I continued the trip to Parang Kususmo it was not far away. But it turned out that after seeing a number of inns there was nothing suitable. finally I decided to go back to the main highway and look for lodging around there.

Many of the lodgings we met but there were no matches. I turned off the lodging that was sought cheap but safe and comfortable. Besides that the yard must also be broad to give space to the K playing around. He will get bored and fussy if he can’t play running. Like being imprisoned. Because I did not find suitable accommodation, I decided to invite Widut to rent Anoman’s lodging. Lodging that I once occupied lived for 3 days while attending a practical work majoring in Geography. The cost is quite cheap, that is, from Rp. 30,000. We took a room that cost Rp. 60,000 according to mature calculations.

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