Thousand of Articles Indexed by Google About One Week

Sitemap is a powerful tool for SEO affairs or indexation by search tool (search engine). Through the sitemap, a search engine bots can easily reach our site because it already provided a list of urls that should be accessible without having to find themselves in the directory of the site with global scale.

The perpetrators AGC often publish screenshots (screenshot) sitemap millions of their urls are indexed by Google. “How come?”, I thought when I saw it. I was then trying to make some experiments on how Google indexes sitemap.

The first experiment failed. Some sitemap containing hundreds of urls indexed by Google for days. Index status displayed by Google Webmaster or Google Webmaster Tools marked with the words “pending” for weeks. I went back to look for references on how Google indexes websites. I’m looking for as much information about the parameters that use the Google-related indexation.

The second experiment, I separated from WordPress web systems. I make a sub-directory on the site that I made with CMS WordPress however, the main system WordPress not i included in the directory. I also generate thousands url and then I collected into sitemap then submitted to Google Webmaster Tools. I waited a few days, are slowly sitemap indexed. But still not satisfied because the indexing process is very slow. Only a few url indexed by Webmaster of the week.

The third experiment, I apply the microdata documented on In the experiment this time, I made a sitemap index or in other words a few sitemap sitemap index. This is done to see an acceleration of indexation sitemap incorporated in sitemap index. The goal is to find out which model sitemap is indexed quickly by Google. The result can not be known with certainty because it turns out that Google is indexing sitemap randomly. Not by date sitemap created, submitted, or the type used microdata.

Based on some of these elements, the one thing I could tell is a website that implements the microdata correctly prioritized to be indexed by Google. However, despite the microdata that I made are valid corresponding test tools rich snippet markup provided by Google, when the website is searchable through a Google search, the rich snippet not appear.

The results of the experiments that I made that give a certain satisfaction that Google wants to index thousand submitted url on the sitemap into the database in about a week. After this, I will submit millions url to Google. Still waiting time to complete my semi AGC tool.


Ahmad Budairi
Ahmad Budairi
Seorang Web developer yang suka menulis artikel di blog. Kader Penggerak Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)

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