Simple Employee assessment Application Design

A few days ago, someone asked for a simple employee assessment application. Even though! At that time, I had no idea at all about the application of employee assessment. Never mind imagining the flow, just imagining its use still cannot. He explained a little about what kind of application he wanted to make. It’s just that, I still don’t understand.

Because I don’t understand, I then browse to find some references related to employee assessment. After getting a little description, I finally started making a project with a very simple flow.

Table of Employee Assessment Application

The employee assesment I made yesterday used 4 (four) tables, namely: users, criteria, employments, and reports.

The users table is used to store application user data, table criteria are used to store assessment criteria, table employements are used to store employee data that is assessed, table reports are used to store assessment data.

Users Table Design

The users table contains 3 (three) columns, namely: id, username, displayname, and password.

Id username displayname password
1 admin Admin 1 admin1
2 staff Staff 1 staff1

select * from users

Criteria Table Design

The criteria table contains 3 (three) columns, namely: id, name, and weight. The idea column is used to store the criteria id, the name column is used to store the criteria name, and the weight column is used to store the criteria value weight.

Id name weight
1 Target 3
2 Age 1

select * from criteria

Employments Table Design

The employments table only contains 2 (two) columns, namely the id and name fields. The id column is used to mark entries in record reports.

Id name
1 Ahmad Budairi
2 Widi Utami

select * from employments

Reports Table Design

Table reports contain 4 (four) columns, namely, id, employers, criteria, and values. The id column used for assessment ids is automatically added (auto increment), the employers column is used to store employee IDs that are assessed, the criteria column is used to store the criteria id, and the value table is used to store the values entered by the application user.

Id employers criteria value
1 1 1 10
2 1 2 6
3 2 1 5
4 2 2 26

select * from reports

Output of Employee Assessment

As requested, the application can determine 3 (three) employees who have the highest value. To get the total value of each employee, I use the following formula:

Rumus untuk menghitung total nilai karyawan
Rumus untuk menghitung total nilai karyawan

After all employee values are summed up then sorted in descending terms and taking the top 3 employees. That’s the design of a simple employee application and then I useĀ  PDO dan MySql.

Tahukah Kamu Arti tonggak-2?

tong·gak2 v, me·nong·gak v menuangkan (air dan sebagainya) ke mulut dari cerek, kendi, botol, dan sebagainya; menuangkan (obat, tepung, dan sebagainya) ke mulut
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