Firebase Tutorial: Google Authentication Using JavaScript

Authenticate Using Google Sign-In with JavaScript

Firebase makes it easy for developers to create applications. We can use hosting, realtime databases, cloud functions, notifications, etc. in an integrated manner only with Firebase services. We don’t need to bother renting a server or VPS to make a high-quality application innovation that requires expensive fees. Firebase offers its services for free for small-scale developers.

Google Authentication Using JavaScript

Firebase offers a variety of authentication models and one of them is authentication using a Google account that can be done using a JavaScript API. With this authentication, we don’t need to bother making a system to accommodate users themselves. All that has been made by Google through its product, Firebase.

Google Authentication Steps On Firebase

Before we can use Firebase in the application, we need to add the Javascript dependency script to our project document. The script that needs to be added to enforce this authentication is as follows:

Add Firebase Dependency

Add the code above in the <head>  tag in the project document that we are working on.

Adding Project Firebase Configuration

After the dependency is added, then we add the configuration code. This configuration code can be obtained from the Firebase project settings: Project Settings > Add App > Add Firebase to your web app.

The configuration code looks like this:

Add the configuration code above right after the dependency code we added before.

Make the Code to Login Using Google

Below is an example for making authentication using Google.

Checking the User Status Already Logged In or Not

To check the status of the user whether it’s logged in or not, we can use the onAuthStateChanged ()  function; Examples of its use are as below:

That is a short tutorial for making Google authentication on Firebase using JavaScript. If there are codes that are not visible / missing, please visit directly through the browser because on Instant Article Facebook, usually the sample codes cannot be displayed.

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