Tips for Dealing with a Possessive Partner


Harmonious relationship is a dream for everyone. But sometimes the feeling of fear of losing makes someone unconsciously provide limited space for their partner. The prohibitions given actually make one feel uncomfortable. Small fights will usually arise when the couple feels constrained. Let’s look at the tips below to deal with a possessive partner.

Speak well

Communication is the basis for solving any problem. We must listen to the explanations of each party to avoid misunderstandings. We first ask our partner why he is being possessive. After that maybe we can introspect ourselves, whether what we are doing is right or not. Because if we don’t have a good talk with them, we won’t know what they want and instead cause a fight.

Be Assertive

Possessive partners sometimes ask questions and requests that sometimes invade our privacy. As a couple when we feel uncomfortable because our partner is too intrusive on privacy matters that shouldn’t be their business, we can politely refuse. Sentences and actions of rejection as much as possible are done without hurting and offending our partner.

Be Firm

When we have a possessive partner, we should be firm. Status as a boyfriend does not mean fully entitled to regulate our space. Sometimes we obey their wishes, and sometimes what they forbid we don’t have to do. Therefore, giving clear boundaries to your partner is one solution that you can do. With a firm attitude and clear boundaries, it can minimize any fights caused by misunderstandings or discomfort.

Consultation with a Psychologist

Complicated relationships often make us more easily carried away by emotions. Sometimes we are confused about who to talk to. Because when we tell the people closest to them they tend to give subjective suggestions that can lead to new problems. One of the tips you can do is consult a psychologist. You can tell what you’re going through and ask for advice on how to deal with a possessive boyfriend. Psychologists will be happy to hear your stories and guide you on what to do to deal with your problems.

Be Realistic

Someone with a possessive nature tends to be difficult to advise. The fear of losing makes them do various things to their partners. For those of you who have a possessive partner, maybe you can be realistic about your partner. It’s not easy to ask him to change in the near future. It takes a process to change the deeply rooted nature. Maybe we need to avoid behavior that makes our partner jealous. If his possessive attitude is too excessive, don’t hesitate to remind him nicely.

End Relationship

Every relationship always ends in two stories; happy or sad. If you really feel that your partner is too possessive and uncomfortable, ending your relationship immediately is the last tip. Unhealthy relationships can have an impact on your daily life, days become restless because of mutual suspicion. The emotions generated can also sometimes interfere with your performance in carrying out obligations such as studying or working.

Know your boyfriend type well so you don’t fall into a toxic relationship. If you feel that you have a possessive boyfriend. You can try some of the tips above. However, if it doesn’t work, maybe you should end the relationship for your own good.


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