Simple Experiment – ​​Where’s the Starch?


Let’s get acquainted with Starch! Starch is a lignin molecule found in most carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a significant component of most foods. Carbohydrate-rich foods have a pleasant taste and are satisfying. Starch, which is part of the producer of a lovely sweet flavor, is one of the reasons for this excellent taste.

Starch serves as an adhesive in addition to imparting a pleasant flavor to food. Furthermore, foods high in starch can supply a lot of energy to the body. Are you looking for a list of foods that include starch? Let’s use this simple experiment to find out where starch is found in meals at home!

Tools and Materials of Simple Experiment – ​​Where’s the Starch?

  • Betadine
  • Food ingredients to be tested (in this experiment using 6 different ingredients)
  • Water
  • Clear glass
  • Spoon

Instructions for Use of Simple Experiment – ​​Where’s the Starch?

1. Prepare tools and materials of Simple Experiment – ​​Where’s the Starch?

Simple Experiment – ​​Where's the Starch? 1
Step 1

2. Put each food ingredient to be tested into a glass. 1 ingredient 1 cup. Here using bananas, rice, tempeh, avocado, gelatin and wheat flour. Use whatever ingredients you can find at home. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the tools and materials used in this experiment

3. Puree the food in the glass and add a little water

Simple Experiment – ​​Where's the Starch? 2
Step 3

4. Add 3-5 drops of betadine to each test glass

Simple Experiment – ​​Where's the Starch? 3
Step 4

5. Stir with a spoon

Simple Experiment – ​​Where's the Starch? 4
Step 5

6. Watch how the color of the betadine dripped into each glass changes.

Simple Experiment – ​​Where's the Starch? 5
Step 6

Explanation of Simple Experiment – ​​Where’s the Starch?

Betadine has a reaction that changes color to become concentrated (purple, bluish, black) in foods containing starch. The darker the color change, the more starch content it contains. In the gelatin and tempeh there is no change in the color of betadine at all, this may be due to the absence of substances that react to betadine. In bananas, there is a slight change in color, which means that it contains a small amount of starch. In Avocado, what happens is the color of the betadine disappears. This can happen due to the vitamin C content of avocados. Whereas in rice and wheat flour the color change of betadine is very concentrated. This indicates that the starch content in rice and wheat flour is very high.

Where is the starch, have you found it? A small amount of starch can be found in the banana, but a large amount can be found in rice and flour. Is there any starch in your house?


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