Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts


A volcano is an active volcano that has a stomach full of boiling lava. Indonesia is home to several volcanoes. There have been several volcanic eruptions. There are numerous volcanoes in East Java that have erupted in the past. Mount Kelud in the Kediri district was one of the volcanoes that ever erupted. Do you know what causes volcanoes to erupt? This experiment will demonstrate how volcanic eruptions take place.

Tools and Materials of Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts

  • Used bottles measuring 600 ml. Cut 1/3 of the bottle mouth
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Scissors
  • Clay
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring

Steps to Work of Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts

1. Prepare the tools of Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts

Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts 1
Step 1

2. Prepare the materials of Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts

Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts 2
Step 2

3. Cover the cut bottle with plastic

4. Put the bottle on the tray or floor

5. Cover the surface of the bottle with clay so that it resembles a mountain

Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts 3
Step 5

6. Put the baking soda into the mountain

7. Pour vinegar into a glass, add red food coloring to make it resemble lava

8. Put the colored vinegar into the mountain

Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts 4
Step 8

9. See what happens, lava will come out of the mountain

Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts 5
Step 9

Explanation of Simple Experiment – ​​Volcano Erupts

Volcanoes erupt as magma deposits deep within the earth’s interior are pushed out by high-pressure gases. This is the concept we’re aiming for with this volcanic eruption experiment. A mixture of chemicals capable of displaying such a visual effect is required to get a reaction to burst swiftly and then “spill.” When vinegar and baking soda come together, they form carbon dioxide gas bubbles that are instantaneous and rapid. The purpose of using the bottle in this experiment is to limit the amount of space available for the bubbles to move so that too many bubbles reach the top and overflow through the bottle’s mouth.


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