Simple Experiment; Simple Lava Lamp


The mountain has hot liquid bubbling in its stomach. The hot liquid is called lava. Besides on the mountain, there is an easier way to see the erupting lava, namely in a lava lamp or lava lamp. Lava lamps are not like regular lights in that they do not provide light. The lava lamp is used as a decorative item that may also be used to refresh the eyes. But do you know how a lava lamp may produce a lovely explosion? Let’s try this simple experiment to find out.

Tools and Materials for Making a Simple Lava Lamp

  • Glass
  • Oil
  • Food coloring (avoid using yellow)
  • Water
  • Effervescent tablets

Steps for Making a Simple Lava Lamp

  1. Prepare tools and materials
Simple Experiment; Simple Lava Lamp 1
Step 1

2. Put water into the glass as much as ¼ a glass

Simple Experiment; Simple Lava Lamp 2
Step 2

3. Add food coloring to the water

Simple Experiment; Simple Lava Lamp 3
Step 3

4. Pour the oil into the glass up to ¾ of the glass

Simple Experiment; Simple Lava Lamp 4
Step 4

5. Put the effervescent tablet into the glass

Simple Experiment; Simple Lava Lamp 5
Step 5

6. Keep an eye on what happens

Simple Experiment; Simple Lava Lamp 6
Results of Lava Lamp Experiment

Explanation of Simple Lava Lamp

The initial idea for making a lava lamp is actually a combination of two liquids, namely water and wax. Because candles are made from oil and are easier to obtain, this experiment prefers to use cooking oil which is easy to obtain. From these experiments, it can be seen that there is a pop or bubble in the glass after the effervescent tablet is inserted. This happens because effervescent tablets are made from a combination of 3 acids which when dissolved in water will release CO2 gas to produce foam. Meanwhile, the molecular difference between dyed water and oil makes the release of CO2 gas very clearly visible in the glass due to the movement of water bubbles in the oil layer. It should be noted that water and oil do not combine because of their different molecular bonds.

Additional Information about Simple Lava Lamp

  1. In the soil, discard the oil, water, and dye solution. It’s best not to put it in sinks or drains because it can freeze and clog them.
  2. Effervescent tablets can be obtained at convenience stores such as Alfamart and Indomaret
  3. To achieve more beautiful outcomes, the amount of oil used in the experiment is greater than the total of water.


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