Simple Experiment | Making Secret Letters with Candles


If it was before secret letter using lime, there is another method for composing a secret letter. Candles and colored pencils are the essential ingredients of this secret letter. The procedure is simple and can be carried out at home. Do you want to learn how? Let’s get started!

Making Secret Letters with Candles: Tools & Materials

Making secret letters with candles requires only a few simple tools and supplies. For everyday purposes, the tools are already there at home. This simple experiment even without parental assistance, youngsters can achieve this.

  • Colored pencils/crayons
  • candles
  • paper

How to Make a Secret Letter with Candles

To begin, gather the necessary tools and materials. White paper, white candles (used candles here), and colored pencils are used in this secret letter.

Simple Experiment | Making Secret Letters with Candles 1
Tools utilized

Second, cut the paper to the appropriate letter size. Because the letter’s contents are limited, the paper is cut lengthwise. It’s also fine if you want the entire piece of paper without being trimmed. You are free to do whatever you want.

Third, use candles to write the letter’s contents. You can’t see the writing, can you?

Simple Experiment | Making Secret Letters with Candles 2
a piece of paper on which candles have been scribbled

Fourth, color or shade all areas of the paper so that you can see the writing.

Simple Experiment | Making Secret Letters with Candles 3
Shading the paper

Fifth, after all sections of the paper have been shaded, the writing will be visible.

Simple Experiment | Making Secret Letters with Candles 4
After shaded

Why Can You Make Secret Letters With Candles?

Because candles are comprised of oil, they have a slippery grease that prevents a pencil from writing over them. Because of the rough surface of the paper, it can be rewritten with a pencil. When white candles are used to write on white paper, the flame from the candles sticks to the paper and forms writing, but it is not visible because the colors are the same. Only after coloring the full surface of the paper with a pencil does the writing created with candles be visible.


  1. Use the same color candles and paper.
  2. Use pencils with bright or flashy colors like red and black
  3. After you’ve completed the experiment, clean up and restore the place.


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