Simple Experiment – Artificial Magnet


Magnets are objects that can attract objects in their immediate vicinity. In order to affect other objects, magnets must have two poles. Magnets may attract a wide range of items made of metal, iron, steel, and other similar materials. Magnets have a variety of uses and are commonly seen in everyday life. But do you know where magnets come from? Can you just get magnets from nature or can you make them yourself? How do you make it if you can do it yourself?

Tools and Materials of Simple Experiment – Artificial Magnet

  • A New battery
  • Wire
  • 5cm nail
  • Needle
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors

Instructions for Use of Simple Experiment – Artificial Magnet

1. Prepare tools and materials of simple experiment – artificial magnet

2. Convolution the wire on the nail evenly from end to end

Simple Experiment - Artificial Magnet 3
Step 2

3. Attach the remaining wire at each end to the two poles of the battery so that they are interconnected

Simple Experiment - Artificial Magnet 4
Step 3

4. Glue using duct tape and cut the remaining duct tape

5. Try to bring the battery and wire series that have been made to the needle

6. Watch what happens. The needle will stick to the battery series

Simple Experiment - Artificial Magnet 5
Step 6

Explanation of Simple Experiment – Artificial Magnet

There are three ways to make magnets. The first method is to brush the original magnet with the conductor (iron). Induction is the second method, which involves bringing a magnet closer to an iron to attract other iron. Electromagnetic waves are the third option. The method employed in this experiment was to make an electromagnetic third magnet.

Electric current is immediately flowed from a power source to create these magnets. The power source is a battery with a low-voltage alternating current, making it completely safe to use. The nails will be electrified by alternating electric current containing the + and – elements like in a magnet, due to the power source in the battery that is funneled through a wire. It’s important to remember that a magnet’s north pole contains positive ions and its south pole includes negative ions. Nails are magnetic because of this ion transfer, which allows them to attract needles and have magnetic properties.


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