Preschool Simple Experiment – Egg Standing On Feet


Children of preschool age are naturally inquisitive. It’s just typical child behavior. Preschoolers can have a lot of fun doing a simple experiment with eggs while standing with their feet together. Observing the activities at Preschool Bali, all of the children appeared to be having fun while experimenting with their teachers. We can replicate it at home, or are you seeking for a recommendation for a fun Balinese preschool?

Fun preschool activities, such as experiments, nature exploration, and cognitive-motor tasks, will make children feel that school is enjoyable and will make learning an activity they look forward to. Choosing the appropriate preschool for the child’s age has a significant impact on the child’s mindset toward school in the future.

We can introduce school to children by just trying with them before enrolling preschool or never finding the perfect preschool around the house. Simple experiments are a preschool curriculum designed to fulfill a child’s insatiable curiosity. The Simple Egg Standing on Feet Experiment is a straightforward experiment that requires no complex materials.

What do you use when you stand? Feet right. Well, eggs also stand on their feet. You know, why do eggs have legs and can stand? The answer is yes. Let’s look at a simple experiment on eggs standing on their feet.

Tools and Materials of Preschool Simple Experiment – Egg Standing On Feet

The materials that need to be prepared are:

  • egg
  • flat area such as table or tray, etc
  • a spoonful of salt.

Step of Preschool Simple Experiment – Egg Standing On Feet

  1. 1. Prepare a flat area, then stand the eggs upright. It should be noted that the standing position is oval up or vertical. Can the egg hold up after being released? The answer is insufficient. The egg will revert to its original horizontal position.
Preschool Simple Experiment - Egg Standing On Feet 1
Preschool Simple Experiment – Egg Standing On Feet

2. Next, prepare a flat area that is placed a spoonful of salt on it. Then put the eggs in a standing position. Can eggs stand? The answer is, yes the egg can stand.

Preschool Simple Experiment - Egg Standing On Feet 2
Preschool Simple Experiment – Egg Standing On Feet

Why Eggs Can Stand

Why the eggs can stand, because there is a medium in the form of salt powder as an adjustment of the round egg shape with a smooth and convex surface. So, even though the position is standing, lying down or even in an inclined position, the egg remains stable or balanced when it is on the salt powder. This salt is called the connecting leg for the egg.

Can only salt be a leg for eggs? In addition to salt, other media can also have the same shape as salt, which is in the form of small and fine grains or powder. Such as sugar, pepper powder, flour and so on. You can use the powder media you have at home to make the eggs stand up.

Benefit of Preschool Simple Experiment – Egg Standing On Feet

Preschoolers are children who have reached the age of inquisitiveness. It appears that he is doing something at home; his mother’s valuables are frequently targets for his ‘experiments.’ Inviting kids to basic experiments will satisfy their natural curiosity. Children no longer do dumb things at home, believe it or not, since being invited to simple experiments. His inquiry became more measured and controlled.

When children are inquisitive, they usually ask their mother or father because they are used to being invited to easy experiments and don’t undertake experiments recklessly. Children will believe that their parents are their best buddies to explore with.


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