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Facebook Becomes Political Weapon


Ahead of the 2019 general election, supporters of a party or nominated figure to occupy certain positions have begun to use Facebook as a political weapon. Various kinds of memes, posters, videos, and various kinds of digital processed products are as vibrant as campaigns through social media, in this case Facebook. A scene of mutual attack seems to be something that is commonly encountered even though in fact it cannot be regarded as something ordinary because it has the potential to cause prolonged horizontal conflict.

User demographic analysis provided by Facebook through Facebook for Bussiness insights can be used to set the right target audience to promote a character. Users who like religion will be given a presentation about the character who is very religious and cares about religious issues. Users who like business can be given a campaign theme about it. This is actually very efficient if used to campaign for positive things.

Cheap Campaign Costs

As we all know that not all people know figures who are worthy to be carried out in the 2019 general election. People living in the periphery may not know about the political elite that are being prepared to advance to the general election. For this reason, socialization is needed. In addition to introducing the political elite to the community, socialization can also be used to attract the sympathy of prospective voters so that they are willing to vote for them in the upcoming major elections.

The old model campaign by doing tours to the regions of course requires a considerable amount of money. Especially if money politics is still done, the capital requirements for this model campaign will be very swollen. For this reason, Facebook has become an effective choice for using campaigns at low cost but on target.

Campaigns using Facebook can be done in an organic way or publishing campaign material on personal accounts or fanpages. But the campaign range of this model is not broad enough and cannot target users as desired. Unlike the campaign through Facebook advertising services that give advertisers the freedom to set the target audience based on certain interests. The range is wider and can be made more specific so that the shot can be on target.

Misuse of Facebook as a Campaign Tool

Facebook as a political tool still has two different sides. It can be used to spread positive things but can also be used to share negative content. This of course depends on each user.

The misuse of Facebook as a political tool often happens is black campaign. Opposition camps seem to be competing to attack their opponents with material that is prone to conflict such as using the issue of sara, race, religion, class, and so forth. Meme, posters, videos, or various other digital preparations that vilify the opposing stronghold seem normal they do. As if no matter the negative impact of what he did.

Government regulations regarding electronic transactions do not seem to be very effective in order to curb Facebook users who do hate speech, create or share hoax news, or attack certain characters. Indeed there are some that are processed according to the applicable law, but there are still many who escaped from the law.

Traveling in Parang Tritis Tourism Area


Parang Tritis is one of the tourist destinations I have long wanted to visit. I want to enjoy the atmosphere of this beach with Widut of course. Our opportunity to date indeed exists after the marriage and Eid in 2018 just arrived there. That was actually without a plan ahead of time but a plan that emerged spontaneously.

The trip to Parang Tritis from the place of stay takes about 1.5 hours. We arrived at the Parang Tritis terminal around 10:00 a.m. and immediately walked to the beach on foot. We could take a peek at the gadget to see if there was online transportation that could be ordered here. I see the Go-Jek application there are no drivers available in this tourist area. Even though! one of the goals I want to go to is Parang Kusumo sand dune. Since I first came to Parang Kusumo during the PKL majoring in Geography, I was very fascinated by the forces of nature that formed the Parang Kusumo landscape.

That afternoon, on Parang Tritis beach, I did not allow K to play the waves. According to the bus driver we were riding, the previous afternoon there were 2 missing people who were dragged by the waves. The Tourism Office also urged caution when playing waves because many jellyfish pulled over to the beach and there were some tourists who were stung by it.

The vast Parang Tritis tourist area makes us tired to carry the K along the way. For this reason, we took the initiative to take turns holding him. Moreover, the distance from Parang Tritis to Parang Kusumo is quite far according to the Widut, my wife.

During a trip around the tourist area, the K is always interested in the freshwater baths available on the edge of Parang Tritis beach. Indeed when we were there, the air temperature was very hot and the sun was so blazing.

Our trip stopped only at the new Parang Tritis tourist area. Widut had given up and invited to find lodging to rest first. Finally Parang Kusumo was not visited. Actually I’m a little disappointed.

Looking for Lodging in Parang Tritis Area

Because Parang Kusumo was not visited at that time, then I decided to look for accommodation in the area near there so that if I continued the trip to Parang Kususmo it was not far away. But it turned out that after seeing a number of inns there was nothing suitable. finally I decided to go back to the main highway and look for lodging around there.

Many of the lodgings we met but there were no matches. I turned off the lodging that was sought cheap but safe and comfortable. Besides that the yard must also be broad to give space to the K playing around. He will get bored and fussy if he can’t play running. Like being imprisoned. Because I did not find suitable accommodation, I decided to invite Widut to rent Anoman’s lodging. Lodging that I once occupied lived for 3 days while attending a practical work majoring in Geography. The cost is quite cheap, that is, from Rp. 30,000. We took a room that cost Rp. 60,000 according to mature calculations.

Simple Employee assessment Application Design

A few days ago, someone asked for a simple employee assessment application. Even though! At that time, I had no idea at all about the application of employee assessment. Never mind imagining the flow, just imagining its use still cannot. He explained a little about what kind of application he wanted to make. It’s just that, I still don’t understand.

Because I don’t understand, I then browse to find some references related to employee assessment. After getting a little description, I finally started making a project with a very simple flow.

Simple Employee assessment Application Design 1

Table of Employee Assessment Application

The employee assesment I made yesterday used 4 (four) tables, namely: users, criteria, employments, and reports.

The users table is used to store application user data, table criteria are used to store assessment criteria, table employements are used to store employee data that is assessed, table reports are used to store assessment data.

Users Table Design

The users table contains 3 (three) columns, namely: id, username, displayname, and password.

1adminAdmin 1admin1
2staffStaff 1staff1

select * from users

Criteria Table Design

The criteria table contains 3 (three) columns, namely: id, name, and weight. The idea column is used to store the criteria id, the name column is used to store the criteria name, and the weight column is used to store the criteria value weight.


select * from criteria

Employments Table Design

The employments table only contains 2 (two) columns, namely the id and name fields. The id column is used to mark entries in record reports.

1Ahmad Budairi
2Widi Utami

select * from employments

Reports Table Design

Table reports contain 4 (four) columns, namely, id, employers, criteria, and values. The id column used for assessment ids is automatically added (auto increment), the employers column is used to store employee IDs that are assessed, the criteria column is used to store the criteria id, and the value table is used to store the values entered by the application user.


select * from reports

Output of Employee Assessment

As requested, the application can determine 3 (three) employees who have the highest value. To get the total value of each employee, I use the following formula:

Rumus untuk menghitung total nilai karyawan
Rumus untuk menghitung total nilai karyawan

After all employee values are summed up then sorted in descending terms and taking the top 3 employees. That’s the design of a simple employee application and then I use  PDO dan MySql.