7 must-know SEO myths

What is the heck of your mind if you hear the word SEO? Length of the article? Number of keywords? Age domain? Or don’t-don’t even fake Mastah that leaves you fitting anymore when you ar fall in love with him ever promised an increase in blog visit but in fact it is even nyungsep? Yesterday, …

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Facebook Becomes Political Weapon

Facebook Becomes Political Weapon 3

Ahead of the 2019 general election, supporters of a party or nominated figure to occupy certain positions have begun to use Facebook as a political weapon. Various kinds of memes, posters, videos, and various kinds of digital processed products are as vibrant as campaigns through social media, in this case Facebook. A scene of mutual …

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Traveling in Parang Tritis Tourism Area

Traveling in Parang Tritis Tourism Area 4

Parang Tritis is one of the tourist destinations I have long wanted to visit. I want to enjoy the atmosphere of this beach with Widut of course. Our opportunity to date indeed exists after the marriage and Eid in 2018 just arrived there. That was actually without a plan ahead of time but a plan …

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Simple Employee assessment Application Design

Simple Employee assessment Application Design 5

A few days ago, someone asked for a simple employee assessment application. Even though! At that time, I had no idea at all about the application of employee assessment. Never mind imagining the flow, just imagining its use still cannot. He explained a little about what kind of application he wanted to make. It’s just …

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