7 must-know SEO myths


What is the heck of your mind if you hear the word SEO? Length of the article? Number of keywords? Age domain? Or don’t-don’t even fake Mastah that leaves you fitting anymore when you ar fall in love with him ever promised an increase in blog visit but in fact it is even nyungsep?

Yesterday, I participated in Google for Publisher (GFP) event at Santika Hotel Semarang. Broadly, the material presented at the event is four namely 1). How search engines work, 2). Blog optimization including content quality, blog speed, and, security, and comfort, 3). Implementation of structured data, and 4). AdSense revenue optimization.

At one of the GFP events, there is such a kind of guess-about myth or SEO related fact that has evolved widely in the world of bloggers. What are the myths and facts? Check it out well below.

Minimum and maximum number of words in the article

Many bloggers believe that the word count on an influential article on the blog rankings in the search engines. It’s just a myth. The fact that the word count doesn’t affect the blog ranking in search engines. If you want proof, just look for a site that presents around the glossary, the meaning of the word, wiki and such. Some of them only contain some definitions of words meaning a few sentences but still good rating.

Keyword Density

The second myth that also develops in the blogger community is keyword density or repetition of the same keywords that are spread from the beginning of paragraphs to the end. The fact is that it does not affect search engines to prioritize articles that have a keyword density higher than the lower ones.

If you have not believed, just try typing in a specific keyword in the search engine and see if the blog that has the article does not care about keyword density can go to page one?

Age Domain

The next myth is the age of the domain. Many believe that the older the age of a domain (aged omain) then the better the ranking in the eyes of the search engines. The fact is not. Old-age domains that have a bad digital footprint such as often used for spamming, spreading malware or adware, or any other illegal activity are even the worse the image in the eyes of the search engines. Aged domains that are not used for blogging (passive) will also not have rankings in search engines.

COM TLDS & NET Better ranking

There are also myths that believe that certain TLDS like. com or .net could potentially rank better than other TLDs such as. xyz,. cc,. tk, and so on. In fact many domains are not well-known TLDS but get good rankings in search engines because they have quality content.

The shorter the Domain name the better the ranking

Many are racing for short domain names in the hopes of gaining more attention from prospective-in- law search engines. In fact long or short domains have no effect on the ranking of blogs by search engines. The length or short of a domain’s name is more toward ease of branding and not towards a live blog ranking.

Domains containing targeted keywords got better ranking

The next myth is that many believe that the domain whose name contains the targeted keyword guarantees a good ranking in the search engine. In fact the domain name contains or does not contain the same influential keywords blog ranking in the search engines. I prove it myself through this nusagates.com domain. Many nusagates articles that page one defeats a domain containing a tertartget keyword.

Fast Server guarantees Blog speed

Many thought that server speed was influential at the speed of the blog. But that’s not true. As fast as any server if the blogging way is not irregular yes it will slow down the blog. For example the number of photos uploaded in one article is quite a lot and not compressed first. Say each uploaded photo has a size of 1 MB. If there are 10 photos uploaded then the total is 10 MB. Not to mention if the blog theme is pretty heavy because it uses a custom font, background image, ornaments are weird. So the factors that make the blog slow will overlap each other beat server speed itself.

What is the fact that you still do not believe? Still believe the myth is true? Still want to blog in the old way and waste of time? It’s okay. We all have a choice. If you want further discussion can directly slide to forum.nusagates.com.


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