5 Tips to Make Children Like to Read


Having children who love to read is everyone’s dream. Many efforts are made by parents to make their children become fond of reading.

Through this article, I want to share my experience of parenting so that they have a passion for reading. The process is not instant and requires patience.

Here are some tips that can be done so that children become fond of reading.

Provide Interesting Reading Books

The book that I provide for my son is an interesting reading book. Books that contain more pictures with a lively mix of colors.

Children certainly have different interests. For this reason, the stock of books needs to be adjusted to the child’s character. It would be even better if we could give children the opportunity to choose the books they like when buying or borrowing.

Read Books Regularly

I don’t just order my kids to go read books while I’m busy playing on my cell phone. Instead I asked him to read a book together. Before he could read a book on his own, I would take turns reading a book to him with my wife.

Activities like this are done regularly before going to bed. At least three times a week is enough to trigger reading habits.

Don’t Get Tired of Invites to Read

Invitations are more effective than orders. That’s the motto I’ve always used. Alternating with my wife, I never get tired of inviting my children to read books.

One thing to remember here is not to be toxic for children. The invitation to read needs to be adapted to the child’s condition. Don’t let him hate reading because the invitation was delivered at the wrong moment.

As parents, we need to understand the character of our children. Learn to understand when he needs friends and when he needs alone time. That way, we will be able to find the right moment to invite children to read.

Fulfill His Playing Needs

I allow children to watch or play games in order to fulfill their needs to entertain themselves. I even accompany him to watch or play games to get into his social system. More than that, I hope he will treat me as a playmate.

Being a child’s playmate makes it easier for him to get him to do something. One of them is to invite them to read books. For example, when I finished watching a movie and then I asked him to take a break by reading a book, it was easier to accept.

Involving Children’s Peers

Peers have a powerful power to create a habit for children. I often invite my children’s playmates to read books together. They are free to choose whichever book they want to read. I will gladly comply with their wishes.

I use this kind of reading together as a momentum to impress them with all my strength. I hope that when they are so impressed with the activity that next time they will invite me to read.

I am grateful that so far my efforts have succeeded in attracting their interest.


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