Can you install AMP on Blogspot & is It Needed?

AMP became one of the discussions matter on the Google for Publisher (GFP) event held yesterday, July 17 2019, at the Santika Semarang Hotel. Jeanny briefly describes the history of AMP’s formation until the current AMP’s development. I am, yesterday, there was only one technical question around AMP that is about installing AdSense ads in AMP.

After the GFP, Widut ASKED If AMP can be installed on Blogspot? I answered fast no need then I explained the reason. However, he presumably was less satisfied with my answer because it still believes in SEO myths that have long been believed. Therefore, through this article, I want to repeat it deeper about AMP and Blogspot.

Can AMP be installed on Blogspot?

The answer of course can be because blogspot allows users to edit the template according to their wishes. It’s just that AMP’s implementation on Blogspot is much more complicated than the AMP implementation on WordPress that is self hosted. Why can this be? Because the code that can be edited on Blogspot is limited on the client side only so that the conversion automation of an element can not run perfectly.

A simple example to change the image in each article created using the <img> tag to <amp-img> should be done manually on Blogspot. In general. The results are more or less like the following:

<AMP-img src = “. png” alt = “” title = “” Height = “” Layout = “” width = “”> </amp-img>

If one article has multiple images then it should be replaced one by one using the AMP tag. It could be that we do not focus on the content because it is the only AMP validation Ngurusi.

Advantages of using AMP on Blogspot

I think there’s almost no excess at all using AMP on Blogspot for now. In addition to adding blogger work converts some code manually each time creating new articles, the good impact for SEO also does not exist.

The latest Google algorithm implements Mobile-first indexing it refers to the design of a responsive blog or website instead of AMP. If the blog template has been unsightly when visited through mobile Yes already get value from Google. While AMP is more aimed at blog speed. Though! WITHOUT AMP, the average blogspot is already very fast except blogs that have a lot of ornaments or unnecessary animations, images are not compressed first before uploading, using custom fonts, logo size is too large, many broken links or Just an outbound link. The factor that slows the blog is actually a lot, it’s just that the most I find is what I’ve mentioned it.

Disadvantages of installing AMP on Blogspot

I don’t know for other bloggers feeling lost or just uncomfortable. But if I myself feel loss. Some of the disadvantages that I personally think are:

  • Could not use comment default blogger
  • Could not use template editor
  • All images uploaded in the article must be changed to img->amp. If changing the manual is certainly detrimental in terms of time
  • Can not use widgets in the sidebar
  • All video, audio, and IFrame that want to be displayed in the article should be edited manually. Including when you want to display (embed) status from Facebook.
  • Subscribe to a blogger default Email form cannot be used

Based on John Okosun’s experience, the owner of, implementing AMP on Blogspot will kill the blog slowly because AMP for Blogger is not SEO Friendly. Image tags that are converted to AMP- img will not be indexed by Google thereby reducing the spread of blog queries.

My advice, for blogspot users should not bother thinking about AMP. Think it’s useless. Blogspot’S speed is already managed by Google, blog owners live hone writing speed only. As fast as any blog you have if the article production is not smooth still it will not get good rankings in search engines.

Ahmad Budairi
Ahmad Budairi
Seorang Web developer yang suka menulis artikel di blog. Kader Penggerak Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)

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