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About Nusagates

Nusagates is blogger who concern in content writing about programming languages, tips and trick, tutorial, and opinion. Some of programming language will be write include PHP, MySQL, Java Script, jQuery, Java. Some of tutorial will discus about CSS, HTML, XMl, AdSense, Fiverr, and other. Some of tips and trick article will discus about Fiverr, Web Security, Internet Marketing, and other.

Nusagates wrote articles besides his experience on subject writen. Some of them may be include 3rd parts that labeled as resources and marked with citation.

Nusagates Blog will not publish any controversial subject, offensive article, Defensive material, defensive attact, etc.

Reader can reach Nusagates admin via email [email protected] or via his Fanspage www.facebook.com/nusagates.

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